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Rail Wagon Vibrators

Provided Rail Wagon Vibrators can be used for salts, iron ore, malt, calcium carbide, crushed marble, potash, bauxite, etc. These are rendered with high force output as well as silent operation. The patented designs of these need not any lubrication. Also, these come with wedge bracket so as to fit into hopper car's and female dove-tail bracket. Perfect for moving coarse as well as stubborn materials, these are available in wedge  as well as clamp-on style. Offered with high force as well as low frequency, these insure flawless operation. These are the appropriate solutions for all around the rail yard. Essential for the places, where vibration is needed, these have flexibility in their operation. The high-amplitude as well as low frequency vibratory energy produced by the drive mechanism of these Rail Wagon Vibrators has been proved as the most effective execution that can enable positive as well as complete material movement.